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Tactical Response
Videos from the worlds premier tactical training organization.

Huge Emergency Response - House Fire in West Bend, WI
I woke up to see this... Luckily, nobody was severely injured. Help the family recover: https://www.youcaring.com/james-craig-658166 EXPLANATION VIDEO ...

Paramedics: Emergency Response - Se01Ep02 - A Long Night
Teams respond to a motor vehicle accident, a domestic assault, a young woman using drugs, and a highway fatality. PARAMEDICS: EMERGENCY RESPONSE ...

First Response- 6 Days Sooner │10 DPO- Live Pregnancy Test│♡ Autumn Flower
Hey guys so of course you all got the news i am going to upload a follow up video hopefully on the 30th just to give an update. Please give this a thumbs up and ...

5 Reasons why you SHOULD NOT train at Tactical Response from someone who has been there
A lot of people talk about why they won't train at Tactical Response and have never been there. I have and this is why some people shouldn't train there.